ASIME | Passion & Commitment
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Passion & Commitment

Passion & Commitment

A Competitive Advantage

Our Strength


We employ highly skilled talents and the brightest minds to bring their expertise and experience to the table. On top of providing optimum solutions to your production needs, we are constantly evolving. We stay up-to-date with the latest technology, so that we may help you stay ahead. Best of all, our experts are always here for you, whether it be for a costing analysis or a consultation. We also conduct process studies to ensure we are operating efficiently, while our investment in R&D keeps us competitive.Your satisfaction is what drives us to pursue excellence every day.

We Prioritise Quality Control


Nothing is more important to usthan quality and safety,which is whywe take great care in our manufacturing processes. We are always documenting to DOE and ISO Standards, ensuring that our tools and services are nothing short of world class.

Keep It Green

We take it upon ourselves to be socially responsible and ethical in our business practices. That is why every effort is made to ensure that our environmental impact is as minimal as possible.


Cutting Edge Equipment

Our state-of-the-art factory is home to the most advanced and up-to-date machinery, putting Asime ahead of its competitors with our arsenal of machines. It doesn’t stop here. We are always ready to go above and beyond to meet your changing requirements, adapting to your needs if required

Rollomatic CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine - NP4

Rollomatic CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine - 148P4

Ewag Universal Grinding Machine - WS11

CNC Diamond grinding machine

Manual Diamond grinding machine

Radius grinding machine

CNC Machining center

Manual Milling machine

CNC lathe

Manual lathe machine

Surface grinder


Wire — Erosion machine

Cylindrical grinding machine

High frequency induction heater / brazing machine


Heat treatment furnace

Dynamic Balancing machine

Inspection Equipment

  • Zoller Universal Measuring Machine
  • Keyence Optical Micrometer – LS – 7010M
  • Keyence Optical Micrometer – LS-7601
  • Starrett Profile Projector – HE400
  • High precisionstool pre-setter
  • Profile projector
  • Digital dial gauge
  • Digital Micrometer